Who we are

Zephyr Education Inc (formerly, Zephyr Foundation) is a group of volunteers who got together in 2013 to help children at domestic violence shelters get on with their education by supplying them with everything they need to start at their new school.



Why they need our help

A drastic consequence of the upheaval in the lives of these children is that their education is often severely disrupted. Many leave their homes urgently and arrive at shelters without school books and other items.


Also, because these children will be attending a new school, their current uniforms are no longer appropriate. This makes their transition to a new school far more difficult because without the proper clothing and equipment they stand out from the other children at a time when it is important for their self-confidence that they fit in. Also, without the relevant text and exercise books, they can quickly fall behind in their schooling.




Our mission

Our mission is to help these children make as smooth a transition as possible to their new school.

How we help

Shelters contact us when a new family arrives and give us a list of the things each child will need to start at their new school.


The items we provide include school bags, uniforms, shoes and socks, and swim packs, as well as textbooks, stationery and equipment specific to each child’s year level.


If we are unable to supply an item directly (e.g. a particular school uniform), we will meet the cost if we have the funds.


Our Patron

We are delighted that Jonty Bush has agreed to be our patron. This inspirational young woman, whose sister was murdered in an act of domestic violence and whose father was also the victim of an act of homicide, was named Young Australian of the Year in 2009 for her work with the Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group and her role in developing and promoting the One Punch Can Kill anti-violence campaign. Jonty has been the CEO of the Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group since 2007. 

“I am thrilled to support the work of the Zephyr Education. Domestic and family violence is an epidemic in Australia; and amidst the national conversations about ‘what must be done’ the waiting list on refuges for women grows.


Zephyr Education provides an immediate and practical response to children who’ve fled their home often with nothing but the clothes on their back.  Domestic violence has an INCREDIBLE impact on children, to be able to restore some normality and respect during a time of crisis is a beautiful thing”


(Jonty Bush, Patron, Zephyr Education)


Domestic violence in Queensland has reached epidemic levels, just as it has elsewhere in Australia. Anyone who has any doubts about this only has to read the report of the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland, titled, NOT NOW, NOT EVER, Putting an End to Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland, released in February 2015. 


The report highlights the enormity of the problem. For example, in 2013-2014 the Queensland Police Service received about 180 reports of domestic violence a day. Some of the victims are men but the great majority are women. Not infrequently, these incidents result in the victim’s death.



Need help now?

If you are a victim of domestic violence or in fear that you may be harmed by your partner, call


DV Connect’s Womensline on 1800 811 811.


You can also call this number if you are concerned that a woman you know has been harmed or will be harmed by her partner.


DV Connect is a state wide service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


However, if you believe you are in danger now, call 000.


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