Text books and stationery

We are able to supply most text books, exercise books and stationery requirements for Queensland schools.


Some schools require parents to pay a set fee for the requirements for particular years, which the school then provides. In these cases we will usually pay the fee if we have funds available.


We supply school uniforms, shoes and socks, hats, school bags, sports bags, swim packs, lunch boxes and water bottles.


In the case of school uniform items displaying the school's crest, we refund the shelter the cost of purchasing these items. 


How it works


As soon as a family arrives, the shelter emails us details of the children's school needs. We confirm within 24 hours whether we can supply the relevant text books, stationery and other items. In the case of school uniforms and resource levies, we advise whether we have the necessary funds. Our procedures are extremely simple as illustrated by the following extract from the minutes of one shelter's AGM:


New Partnerships:

We have formed a wonderful relationship with Zephyr Education who we cannot thank enough for all the support they have given our families and the speedy response in which they attend to all requests. They have provided school uniforms, text books, bags, lunch boxes and so much more all within a heartbeat. We can't thank you enough for the help that you have provided to the women and children that we work with.


A little extra

Our supporters in the community also provide us with other items for the mums and children in shelters.                                                                                                                   

    Recent donation from one of Zephyr's new friends

           Water bottles and lunch boxes from St George Bank

Quilts from the Sweatshop Girls

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